Portland eRiders

Friday Night Ride

Every Friday. Rain or Shine.


For many, this is the highlight of the Portland Riding scene.

It is a community focused event that happens every Fri (going on 4+ years now).

Please review the the information below if you are thinking of coming out and joining us.

Standard Place & Time

  • Waterfront behind OMSI, Meet @7, Roll @7:30.
  • Midpoint departure 9-9:15 (from LuckyLab or Yellow statue).
  • Back by Tilikum Bridge before 10 (headed to Growler Guys in south waterfront)

This a public ride and all riders join at their own risk.

By participating in the Friday Night Ride you are acknowledging that you will not attempt to hold any moderator or administrator responsible for anything that can or does happen as a result of your participation. Although we do our very best to encourage everyone to be safe, it is in your best interest and your sole responsibility to wear all your riding gear including your helmet at all times. Any and all damages you may incur to your device or body are solely your responsibility. As a the rider of a PEV, you know the dangers involved, so be safe out there and remember to ride within your comfort zone unless you're willing to pay the consequences.

If you do decide to join us, we ask that you adhere to the following items:

No Racing or Reckless Riding.

The group is trying to encourage the inclusion and support for PEV use, and this reckless riding or racing in public contradicts with that. Please don't be the reason these devices get banned.

Wear a Helmet.

Crashes happen, and skull fractures are bad Mmm-K. Riding is risky, and riding in groups can add additional risk, esp when riding through downtown. We don't want anyone to suffer a permanent injury that could easily have been avoided. All our experienced riders wear multiple pieces of safety gear for a reason. So take the hint and ‘pad-the-F-up’.

Have Riding Experience (~100 miles).

New riders are welcome, but its not a good place for first time riders or beginners. We ride all over downtown over many different roadways and traffic situations. We don't want to see anyone get hurt because they're focused on the basics and not the environment around them.

Follow Local Traffic Laws.

We are a very visible group, so please help us be good representatives for PEVs. The last thing we need is for Portland Police, Lawmakers or Ambulances to get unnecessarily involved in our ride. This is most relevant when we are on the roads through downtown.

Ride Casual and Safe.

Friday rides are meant to be chill. Its a community focuses group ride, not a race. Try to stay in groups and look out for one another, as its more fun and safer that way. We recommend that the experienced riders try to and stay in back after each stop (as they can catch up easier).

Be Respectful to Each Other.

There is a lot that could be said here, just remember that others may not share your interests or views. This is an event to come together over something we all agree is fun, lets not ruin it by being divisive or obnoxious. In short, please play nice with the other riders.

Be Respectful of Local Businesses.

Just be courteous and help us create a welcoming culture for our sport here in Portland. Follow there guidelines for smoking, vaping, music, and outside food or beverage (when in doubt, ask an employee). Just cleaning up after ourselves will go along way here.

Plan Follow-up Rides.

Take a minute and meet other riders, learn about other boards, and then plan a smaller ride that's more your speed with riders of similar interest and skill level.

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